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      Link Code with Work System Entities

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      This article explains how to link code from one system to another one. Currently SyncNow supports linking code from Azure DevOps to Jira or another instance | collection of Azure DevOps.

      Usage Examples

      1. Link code from Azure DevOps git or TFVC to JIRA Issues
      2. Link code from one instance of Azure DevOps git or TFVC to another instance of Azure DevOps
      In order to link between systems add a comment like this "This is my commit message with entity references #ClickSoft-CLS-123 and #ClickSoft-12345". 
      Issues IDs can be identified with there #{short DevOps Gate SyncNow system Name}-{Entity ID} or #{Entity ID}

      Step By Step Instructions

      1. Navigate to the DevOps Gate page
      2. Press the Add DevOps Gate Process button
      1. Open another browser tab, go to the Systems page
      2. Press the edit button of systems that are in the Sync Process
      1. Select preferable Webhook Security options;
      2. Save the system configuration;
      1. Input a name
      2. Select systems from which to receive a WebHook and a target system where update entities. Currently only Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps Service are supporting the Link to Code
      3. Add unique system prefixes. By these prefixes the service will recognize from which system is an entity and which entity should be updated
      4. Add unique system prefixes. By these prefixes the service will recognize from which system is an entity and where to add hyperlink to commit or pull request
      5. For Azure DevOps system select sub-projects to subscribe to code events:
      • Code Pushed
      • Code Checked In
      • Pull Request Created
      • Pull Request Updated
      • Pull Request Merge Attempted
      1. Select Link to Code action
      2. Press the Save button
      1. Input a password of the user which account was given during system configuration on step 5

      A new DevOps Gate Process has been created.


      1. Create entities in a target system to which need to add a remote link
      1. In the source system, in the project to which was subscribed the DevOps Gate Process, create a commit and a PR with entity keys in the message
      1. Verify that remote link was added to both entities
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