Release 4.0

Release 4.0 we added new authentication options for SyncNow, two new connectors, flexible entities inputs during c# mapping. New Connectors Active Directory / LDAP Authentication SyncNow can now authenticate users from active directory and / or from SyncNow internal database.

Release 3.0

Release 3.0 introduces new templating feature, we also added entity mapping pages and support for three new connectors. Templates for Mapping Introduced the ability to select predefined mappings for templates. This feature simplifies the process of mapping with pre defined

Environment Variables Configuration Parameters

Configuration parameters can be set from environment variables as follows: General configuration parameters such as database and system port Connector parameters (for v3.x and above) Notification parameters (for v3.x and above) General configuration parameters Environment Parameter Default Value SETTINGS__DATABASECONFIGURATION__DATABASETYPE SQLLite


SyncNow Cluster SyncNow can work scale and work with multiple app instances, every app instance that is connected to the same database will work with other instances to process all synchronizations. The main app instance node is responsible for several

SyncNow Gateway Publisher Task

Introduction The SyncNow Gateway publisher extension enables easily, with few steps to publish Security | Quality | Build Information from Azure Pipelines into other work systems like JIRA | ServiceNow | MicroFocus or any supported SyncNow connected system. The extension

Micro Focus Compatibility | Limitations

Compatibility Supported MicroFocus | Quality Center | HP-ALM from 12.5 – 15.01 Limitations Comments are being synchronized only if added from the User Interface with their separator intact Only undefined requirements are currently supported Change only to test steps will

JIRA Cloud Connector

JIRA Cloud system connector can be used to synchronized , enrich, link issues from JIRA Cloud with other work systems. SyncNow can auto register JIRA webhooks for continuous synchronization. JIRA connector has the following features: Synchronize or Migrate entities such

Azure DevOps to JIRA+XRAY

In this article we will describe an example of setting a Sync Process to pass test, test plan, repository information for Azure DevOps to JIRA Create a Process Navigate to the Processes page Press the Add Process button Input a

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