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      Entity Mapping Options

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      Every entity pair in SyncNow has mapping options, with the mapping options SyncNow operators can define :

      1. If it is allowed to create an entity in the target system
      2. If it is allowed to restore a deleted entity in the target system
      3. Who wins in conflict resolution
      4. For WebHooks continuous synchronization – execute and action on target when source is deleted
      5. Logging of Sync information in target system.
      6. Filter entities

      Logging of Sync Information in Target System

      SyncNow can log values into entity fields in target work systems.

      1. who last updated the entity in source system,
      2. The source id into ID or into a history | comments field
      3. When the entity was last synchronized

      Execute an Action on Deletion

      This is feature is currently available only for system adapters using continuous synchronizations.

      1. Select the target field to update when entity is deleted in source system
      2. write a c# script or use a plugin to execute an action
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