Update Entity from Any System (Generic Connector)

Overview SyncNow enables information from any system to be published easily into work systems entities such as epic, feature, story or any other entity The following article elaborates the process of Setting generic system adapter notifications. Usage Examples Publish build

Update Entities with SonarQube Quailty

Overview With SyncNow Quality Gate information can be publish to work systems. SyncNow DevOps Gate works with SonarQube webhookd and publishes quality code scan information to entities in target system. The following article elaborates the process of Setting Sonarqube webhook

Add a Comment to Entities

Overview The following article explains how to add a comment to any work system entity, the comment can contain information regarding the Build | Release like it’s URL Usage Examples Add build URL and comment to work system entities comments

Create DevOps Gate Process

Overview This document describe the procedure to setup a devops gate process Create a new DevOps Gate Process Navigate to the DevOps Gate page Press the Add DevOps Gate Process button Configure System Security with DevOps Gate Open another browser

Upload Attachments to Entities

Overview Uploads attachments to entities, that are mentioned in a comment. Example Scenarios Upload logs or attach a report to security scan and a bug opened from any system Attach build report to an entity Request The request URL should

Update Entity From Code Commits

Overview Below is the process for updating and entity in target work systems by requests and a code commit to SyncNow DevOps Gate APIs. For the update to work developers need to mention work system entities in their code commit

Update Entities with Jenkins

Below is an example of Jenkins script which gathers all comments from build commits and then updates all related entities mentioned in these commits with the parameters defined in the payload. API requests are implemented with HTTP Request Plugin and

Create an Entity

Overview Use the following procedure to create an entity to any work system with SyncNow DevOps Gate . We have created groovy scripts for Jenkins, or you can copy paste curl commands from our user interface from DevOps Gate project

Link Code with Work System Entities

Overview This article explains how to link code from one system to another one. Currently SyncNow supports linking code from Azure DevOps to Jira or another instance | collection of Azure DevOps. Usage Examples Link code from Azure DevOps git


With the DevOps Gate feature enterprise organizations have a gateway for receiving information from work systems and publish it in another work systems. DevOps Gate Process can: Enrich work system – Create or Update entity with information from source work

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