Migrate with our customizable predefined customizable templates

from one work system to another

Choose SyncNow Source and Target Connectors

Select source and target work system from one of our connectors

Choose a predefined template

Select from our templates gallery a suitable template for your needs

Execute the migration process

Execute Migration from a start date to end date and monitor its process


Migrate from one work system to another
or from on-premise to SAAS

JIRA Server | DC <->JIRA Cloud (XRAY Supported)

Migrate from the cloud to on permise edition or vise versa

Azure DevOps Consolidation

consolidate multiple Azure DevOps Instances | Collections

Azure DevOps <-> JIRA

Migrate from Azure DevOps to JIRA or vice versa.

Azure DevOps <-> JIRA+XRAY

Migrate from Azure DevOps  to JIRA XRAY , Migrate test plans into repository , test plans, test cases.

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