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      This page describes how to backup SyncNow data and establish processes for maintaining point in time backups.

      It is highly recommended to create point in time backups for SyncNow, SyncNow database stores synchronization information, including entity and attachment pair mappings. If a pair is lost new duplicate entities may be created at the target system during first update of source entity.

      1. Backup SyncNow Data Using native database backup tools

      All sync data of SyncNow is kept in the database, SyncNow works with postgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite. We highly recommend using SQL Server or PostgreSQL for large deployments.

      Use native database backups to do a point in time backup. Backup of SQL Server can be found here, postgreSQL Backup information can be found here.

      2. Backup SyncNow Directory

      Configuration data and operational logs are kept on SyncNow Directory. System configuration data is can be changed only on upgrades. It is recommended to backup the server on upgrades and periodically.

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