Security Bug Fix Policy

This is our policy of on vulnerabilities discovered in our apps : Based on the severity level we will treat the vulnerability as described below. We might add additional measures to best serve your needs, e.g. inform customers or evaluators

Get Support

We Will be Happy to Assist LAMDAT support team is waiting to assist you with any question, it may be a deployment issue or a question regarding features of SyncNow. Please read out Support Policy page for details on how

Service Level Agreement

For support request tickets we will respond no more than 1 business day from the time of the request. If the issue is the ticket severity is critical that means the Platform is not available for use LAMDAT support team will

Data Security and Privacy Statement

PRIVACY STATEMENT Protecting your data and your privacy is a high priority and is very important to us. We do not give away any collected information. We may use that to improve our products and services. Below is our privacy

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