SyncNow Gateway Publisher Task

Introduction The SyncNow Gateway publisher extension enables easily, with few steps to publish Security | Quality | Build Information from Azure Pipelines into other work systems like JIRA | ServiceNow | MicroFocus or any supported SyncNow connected system. The extension

Micro Focus Compatibility | Limitations

Compatibility Supported MicroFocus | Quality Center | HP-ALM from 12.5 – 15.01 Limitations Comments are being synchronized only if added from the User Interface with their separator intact Only undefined requirements are currently supported Change only to test steps will

JIRA Cloud Connector

JIRA Cloud system connector can be used to synchronized , enrich, link issues from JIRA Cloud with other work systems. SyncNow can auto register JIRA webhooks for continuous synchronization. JIRA connector has the following features: Synchronize or Migrate entities such

Azure DevOps to JIRA+XRAY

In this article we will describe an example of setting a Sync Process to pass test, test plan, repository information for Azure DevOps to JIRA Create a Process Navigate to the Processes page Press the Add Process button Input a

JIRA – XRAY Extension

SyncNow operators can use our predefined template with XRAY extension to synchronize requirements, tests, defects to and from JIRA XRAY Syncnow XRAY extension has the following features : Syncing requirements with link to defects including comments, attachments , custom fields

Micro Focus ALM Connector

HP-ALM, MicroFocus System connector has the following features: Synchronize or Migrate entities such as defects, requirements, tests from Micro Focus to other work systems Synchronize test steps with attachments Synchronize comments, rich text fields, links, releases and subjects Setting the

Fields Support

SyncNow supports most of NetSuite field types, however NetSuite calculated fields and fields that do not store value cannot be synchronized . User fields Fields that are References and refer to Employee record or other record, that contains users details,

NetSuite Limitations

Not all custom fields can be found in a list of available fields during defining map of fields. If you cannot find some field: In NetSuite, open any existing record of the entity type fields of which you want to

NetSuite Connector

Setting NetSuite Token Authentication Create an Integration Record The Integration Record identifies the application in NetSuite’s system. Follow these steps to create the required Integration Record. Navigate Setup->Integration->Manage Integrations->New page Create an Integration Record if none exists. After creating the

Azure DevOps Compatibility | Limitations

Compatibility Supported Azure DevOps Server Editions from TFS 2017 and above Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps Service Limitations With timer synchronization (the default configuration) a change of a field is required if changing a relation, Azure DevOps does not

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