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Webhooks enables continuous synchronizations from work systems, this is more efficient than a timer that queries every X seconds. Step By Step Guide Navigate to the Sync Processes page Press the Configuration button near a specific process Open another browser

Create a Process with a Template

Sync Templates are pre configured solutions for synchronization processes. Templates contain entities, field mapping and general Synchronization configuration. When a template is applied to a Sync Process it inherits all the settings defined in the templates. SyncNow operators can further

Create a Process with an Imported Mapping

Sync Process can be created from an snw file that was exported from another SyncNow Deployment. Step By Step Guide Navigate to Processes page Press the Add Process button Input a process name Input a unique short name Select systems

Create a Process with an Inherited Mapping

In large organizations there is a need to create a Sync Process that will be used as a base mapping for many Sync Processes. SyncNow operators can save mapping as global mapping. When you create a process you can choose

Create a Process with a Local Mapping

Local Mappings are used only for the Sync Process on which they were defined in contrast to global mappings which can be inherited and used by many Sync Processes. Step By Step Guide Navigate to the Processes page Press the

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